Welcome to Finance: The Toolkit

The goal of this pilot research project is to understand how community agencies can support and connect jobseekers with disabilities and the financial sector.

In October 2017, 734 participated in the CCRW Financial Sector Survey. The survey results were compared with data collected from financial sector hiring managers. 

Below is a toolkit representing the compiled results, recommendations, strategies and best practices that community agencies can use to support jobseekers with disabilities through the hiring stages.


    Jobseeker with Disabilities
    Community Agency
    Financial Sector employer


1. Sourcing Stage

Gather inbound potential applicants (job boards, websites, or newspapers) or outbound efforts (recruiters sourcing candidates)

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer


Market and promote outreach services

Have a fully accessible website and actively participate in community agency outreach

Compose resume in an appropriate format 

Be calm, clear and consistent. Work collaboratively and only send qualified candidates

Provide a clear, accurate, and accessible job description


When possible, follow up with the hiring manager

Answer any questions and elaborate on the position's requirements

The bottom line: Consistency, communication and follow-up are key 

young woman shaking hands with interviewer

2. Preliminary Screening

Narrow the pool by evaluating the applicants’ qualifications within their resumes or applications

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer

Collaborate with community agency to ensure all applications are complete 

Confirm community agency software is accessible  to prevent delays

Confirm accessibility with Financial Sector software (for example, has the software been tested in real-time?) 


Prepare jobseekers with disabilities for the screening process 

Clarify and prepare for the screening process 

Complete skills assessments within the community agency to fully prepare for any skills assessments that might comprise the formal application process

Ensure accessible questionnaires are specific and clarify the job requirements 


Clarify accommodation policies for standardized testing

two women in a meeting

3. Assessment Stage

Narrow the pool further through the interview process

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer

Work diligently and consistently to improve interview technique

Use mock interviews to prepare for interview questions related to employment gaps and how to address disclosure 

Accommodate through alternative interview formats where appropriate

image of resumes

4. Decision Process Stage

Background and reference checks are done as the employer moves towards offering the selected candidate a conditional job offer

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer

Take constructive feedback as opportunities for improvement; collaborate on next steps

Follow up with both parties and provide suggestions for next steps

Share clear and honest feedback

group of employees smiling, looking at camera

5. Post-offer/Pre-hire Stage

Address pre-employment conditions including credential verification

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer

Focus on enhancing the newly hired employee's productivity through workplace accommodation requests

Provide an open and welcoming space for conversations surrounding disclosure or workplace accommodations with the focus on enhancing employee productivity

woman typing at computer

6. Onboarding Stage

The employment offer is accepted and on-the-job training begins until the probationary period is complete.

   Jobseeker with Disabilities 

    Community Agency

    Financial Sector employer


Offer support for on the job training and adaptive equipment; encourage on-the-job mentorship with someone other than their manager

Confirm the performance feedback process